Connected Vehicle

The last few years have seen enormous growth in the number of connected vehicles on the road.  Connected car applications are very numerous and include key categories such as vehicle  safety , vehicle management, mobility management and entertainment. From avoiding accidents to choosing the rest route to your destination or playing your favorite music from a remote device, the expansion and usage of connected vehicles will continue to dramatically grow.  But, of  the over 1.2 billion motor vehicles in use worldwide, only a small percentage are “connected.”  This creates a huge “Automotive Aftermarket” opportunity to connect all those unconnected vehicles. It is this market segment which is the focus of OneSimCard M2M.

Automotive Aftermarket manufacturers need to present the entire solution to their customers. Their device may be excellent, but the end consumer must also be able to easily acquire quality  and cost effective connectivity. OneSimCard M2M works with Automotive Aftermarket device manufacturers & distributors on numerous SIM card solutions, including embedded,  which allow end users to purchase connectivity service contracts along with the device. Working with OneSimCard M2M,  Automotive device OEMs &  distributors are able to present a complete solution to their customers so that their device is truly “Plug and Play” in over 140 countries.

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