The OneSimCard Sponsored Roaming Solution

Specially designed for MNOs and MVNOs who offer their customers very limited or no international roaming options, the OneSimCard Sponsored Roaming Solution provides Service  Providers with immediate global roaming coverage utilizing their own SIM cards already installed in their customers’ devices and phones. 

OneSimCard’s Sponsored Roaming Solution utilizes a second International Mobile Subscriber Identity or IMSI. IMSIs  are  usually 15 digit numbers and serve as a unique indentifying number for GSM service subscribers. The IMSI number is compose of 2 parts which indentify both the GSM network where the subscriber holds their account and the subscriber’s unique identification number. In the nutshell, IMSI mean a different carrier network(s), so the SIM with multiple IMSIs can switch networks and service providers easily. The second IMSI is remotely installed onto already deployed SIM cards. There is no need to collect and change numerous deployed SIM cards in field. The Service Provider maintains controls over the user’s  behavior and the subscriber’s original phone number is retained.  The configuration ensures that  the original Operator’s IMSI is used while the device is connected domestically and then automatically switches over to the OneSimCard’s IMSI when the device is used internationally.

From the perspective of the customer, the Sponsored Roaming Solution process is entirely seamless.  Once abroad, the customer receives the same outstanding  OneSimCard coverage and service in over 200 countries as do directly subscribed OneSimCard customers.  As OneSimCard features network redundancy in most major business and tourist destinations, Sponsored Roaming customers are also assured the best possible available network and outstanding coverage.

For operators the Sponsored Roaming Solution process is equally seamless.  Profession integration assures precise IMSI switching  and accurate billing. The Operator retains full control of their customer but can now offer global roaming at very competitive prices.

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