Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) for IoT

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN provides even further extension of the security for your application by removing the access to your M2M/IoT devices from the public internet. As the name implies, it creates a completely isolated network that is terminated in your office or your control center and works as an extension of the private APN bringing the network through the tunnel directly to you. To access the network, special VPN router must be installed on your premises or, at least a VPN software solution should be implemented on your PC.

It is recommended to have VPN installed on the network of M2M/IoT devices when there are security concerns and especially if there is a large fleet of devices in the field controlled from a single location.

VPN can’t work without having a private APN. Private APN and VPN are two parts required to create a complete private network.

VPN require Static IPs to be able to address each device on the network individually.


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