1. Network Coverage

    OneSimCard M2M has agreements with 325+ roaming partner networks worldwide and offers outstanding M2M services in over 140 countries. In addition, OneSimCard is constantly expanding our M2M coverage area to satisfy partner requests in more remote regions.

  2. Network Connectivity and Redundancy

    In most countries OneSimCard M2M has agreements with more than one roaming partner network.  This network redundancy allows OneSimCard M2M to offer the best possible network connectivity. Travel across borders with confidence. The OneSimCard M2M  IoT SIM will automatically search for the best signal in the area. If OneSimCard  loses signal, it will automatically connect to the next available network, making it more reliable than single network SIMs, especially in rural areas.  OneSimCard M2M / IoT also offers both 3G and 2G M2M coverage worldwide.

  3. No Network “Steering”

    OneSimCard M2M chooses its partner roaming network based on the quality of the network service being offered at any given time. We do not “Steer” towards a lower cost network but instead offer the best possible network available. 

  4. Private APN

    APN stands for Access Point Name. APN is used by mobile service providers to combines many SIM cards into a single limited networks. Only SIM cards that are preprogrammed to work on a specific APN of the mobile provider can access the internet. This provides an additional layer of security for your IoT device. By ordering a private APN you limit the access to devices to a very narrow network. If the device does not have such APN pre-programmed, it will not be able to access the internet and that means it can’t go rogue on you being controlled by a hacker. The number of SIM cards on APN could be as few as one or as many as 1 million. This is your private network which you can access over the public internet. The device with private APN still gets a dynamic public IP address that will change quite often. This IP address can’t be used to initiate communications to the device as this IP is usually not known until the device initiated connection to the remote server. In such applications the initial communication to the device is done by SMS, rather than by mobile data – GPRS.

    It is recommended to have a private APN for security critical applications.


    Private APN
  5. VPN

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN provides even further extension of the security for your application by removing the access to your M2M/IoT devices from the public internet. As the name implies, it creates a completely isolated network that is terminated in your office or your control center and works as an extension of the private APN bringing the network through the tunnel directly to you. To access the network, special VPN router must be installed on your premises or, at least a VPN software solution should be implemented on your PC.

    It is recommended to have VPN installed on the network of M2M/IoT devices when there are security concerns and especially if there is a large fleet of devices in the field controlled from a single location.

    VPN can’t work without having a private APN. Private APN and VPN are two parts required to create a complete private network.

    VPN require Static IPs to be able to address each device on the network individually.


  6. Static IP Address

    Static IP  is used as part of the Virtual Private Network - VPN. Static IP is an actual dedicated address of the device that allows you to contact the device directly and securely without ever touching the public internet. Majority of the GSM /3G network M2M devices usually can get accessed for configuration of the device or to receive requests for sensor  information or just for waking the device up only by  SMS. The Static IP option eliminates this need and provides direct network access to the remote controller. This static IP makes the device to be on the local network of your internal local net. With Static IP you can easily send secure commands to the device, request specific information, change settings of the device etc. This is the top security measure that offers the maximum flexibility in managing remote devices. 

    Picture similar to VPN with Static IPs denoted.

    Static IP
  7. Flexible Data & SMS Plans & Service Pricing

    OneSimCard evaluates each project and application on its merits and offers specialize data and SMS plans and service pricing in order to be meet our customer’s requirements. OneSimCard M2M also provides FREE data for device testing. 

  8. OneSimCard M2M Account Portal Features

    • Secure Global Enterprise Portal featuring 24/7 web account access via industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.
    • API for customized solutions tailored to the needs of a specific industry.
    • Professional SIM Management System allowing web interface control of Multiple SIM cards. Some key features include:
      • Manage and optimize thousands of SIM Cards from the management portal
      • Expense management tools
      • Trigger notifications
      • Extensive reporting tools

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